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Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad Breath (Halitosis) Treatment Eltham

The friendly team of dentists and hygienists at Ferrari Dental Care can provide effective treatment for halitosis and help stop bad breath.

Bad breath can be embarrassing while also negatively affecting a person’s confidence. Although a common problem, bad breath can be easily treated. Contact our team to find out more about our treatments for bad breath.

  • Causes of bad breath

    • Poor oral health & hygiene – it is essential to pay attention to your oral health and ensure that you maintain it by brushing and flossing regularly. If you tend to ignore oral health and dental hygiene then you are more than likely to suffer with bad breath.
    • Food and drink you consume – certain types of food and drink within our diet can also cause bad breath. A good example of this is garlic. Although diet can cause bad breath the effects are usually temporary and disappear with brushing.
    • Smoking – Habits such as smoking cigarettes can cause bad breath due to the nicotine and tar residues which bind to the teeth and gums.

  • The treatment for bad breath

    • Visiting the dentist and hygienist for your professional oral examination and dental hygiene appointment
    • Understanding the importance of good oral health and hygiene as well as maintaining it by brushing and flossing your teeth often
    • Maintaining a healthy diet
    • Quit smoking cigarettes

  • What Can Happen If You Ignore Toothache

    Bad breath is most often a symptom of a more serious underlying dental health condition, it can potentially lead to tooth decay or gum disease.


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