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Tooth Decay & Plaque

Tooth Decay Treatment Eltham

Plaque is the term given to the clear sticky film that can coat the surface of teeth, plaque is made up of bacteria that can break down teeth and cause tooth decay. The experienced dental team at Ferrari Dental Care can help treat tooth decay & plaque, to find out more call us today!

  • What causes tooth decay & plaque?

    • Poor oral health & hygiene
    • Sugary food and diet
    • Avoiding your regular hygiene and oral examination appointments

  • What is the treatment for tooth decay & plaque?

    • Regular dental professional hygiene and oral examination appointments
    • Maintaining good oral hygiene
    • A healthy diet

  • What happens if left untreated?

    • Plaque is the cause of tooth decay which means it can eat away at teeth
    • Tooth decay can cause a severe toothache and pain
    • Severe damage to teeth as a result of decay can cause damage to nerves, requiring root canal treatment
    • A loss of tooth


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