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Dental Examination & Oral Hygiene Appointment

Professional Dental Check-Up & Clean

At Ferrari Dental Care our friendly team of dentists go the extra mile to ensure you are given the highest quality dental care. We strongly believe in gentle dentistry and make the effort to ensure your visit to the dentist is comfortable.

Our dental examination & oral health check involves a comprehensive oral
examination by our gentle dentists and hygienists. As part of the oral health check we take the time to examine the teeth, gums, mouth and jaw.

Our dental examinations and oral health check service includes:

  • Detection of any tooth decay or cavities
  • Evaluation of existing fillings for proper fit, function, and aesthetics
  • Assessment of your periodontal (gum) tissue
  • Evaluation of your smile
  • Checking your bite and examining for signs of excessive tooth wear
  • Examining and screening for oral cancer
  • Checking the function of your jaw joints
  • Recording any changes in your medications and physical condition

Our experienced clinicians may also recommend further tests such as dental x-rays and crack detection tests if required.

Get your comprehensive professional oral examination and dental hygiene
appointment! Speak to the friendly team at Ferrari Dental Care, The gentle dentists you can count on.


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