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Lisa Ferrari

Lisa Ferrari Dental Practice Manager

Practice Manager

Lisa Ferrari

Hello, my name is Lisa Ferrari. I’m very proud to work alongside Dr Mark to provide you with the very best dental care you have ever had.

Our aim is to provide you with gentle, caring preventative dentistry. Our team are highly trained and specially chosen for their ability to provide you with a 5-star dental experience. From a warm smile and offer of herbal teas or coffee in the Front Office to a caring and empathetic dental team whose primary focus is to help you look after your dental care, Ferrari Dental Care is here for you and your whole family.

We have a fantastic team of Front Office Co-ordinators, Oral Health Therapists, Hygienists and Clinical Assistants here to assist your dentist with your oral health care. They are the backbone of Ferrari Dental Care and I’m very proud of them.

When I’m not here working with our wonderful team, I love to paint and work with glass. Several of my art pieces are hanging on the walls in the Practice as well as some of the glass pieces that Mark and I have created together. I take inspiration from our garden and the wildlife that surrounds us.

Currently, each room throughout the Practice has a selection of photographs that were taken throughout our garden at home. Caught on a rainy spring morning the flowers and plants were shimmering at their best, full of life, form and colour. The front-office area and hallway have a couple of my paintings as well as a selection of my son, Benny’s paintings. He and I have Gallery 7 six 5 in Watsons Creek. We are inspired by our surroundings and believe that art, in its many forms is an expression of who we are.

Of course, dentistry is another form of art. Dentists create and sculpt your restorations, crowns and veneers just as a sculptor would a piece of marble, helping you achieve the smile you deserve.

I am very proud of the work that we create as a family and as a team here at Ferrari Dental Care.


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