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TMD & Bruxism Splints

TMJ & Teeth Grinding Splints Eltham

TMD & Bruxism splints are specialised oral health appliances designed to preserve and protect teeth. At Ferrari Dental Care we provide quality dental splints or night guard for teeth, especially design to treat Bruxism (teeth grinding), teeth clenching and TMD.

We offer two types of dental splints to treat bruxism – a thin and thick one depending on the extent of bruxing. Our dentists will assess your teeth to determine how much wear exists as a result of nocturnal teeth grinding. We will then determine the ideal bruxism guard for you.

These teeth grinding splints decrease wear of your teeth, as you clench and grind during your sleep, you grind away on the splint rather than the surface of your teeth. The appliance fits over the front teeth and is comfortable to wear. It is fabricated in one visit and can be ready in a couple of days. It is usually worn at night. Generally, the TMJ splint or TMJ mouth guard will last for 2-5 years, depending on the severity of your grinding.

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