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Cracked & Chipped Teeth

Cracked & Chipped Teeth (Broken Tooth) Treatment Eltham

Although teeth are quite strong, a Cracked, Chipped or Broken Tooth can happen at any time and may cause severe pain. At Ferrari Dental Care we understand the importance of gentle, comfortable dentistry to treat pain and restore teeth.

  • What causes a cracked or chipped tooth?

    A cracked or chipped tooth is usually a result of some kind of trauma to the tooth, this can include:

    • Biting on hard surfaces
    • Falling or other type of trauma to the face
    • Dental cavities and tooth decay
    • In some cases even old amalgam (mercury) fillings.

  • The treatment for cracked and chipped teeth

    Treatments for a Cracked & Chipped tooth generally involves dental restoration, this can include:

    • Dental Tooth Fillings
    • Crowns & Bridges
    • Veneers & Dental Implants
    • Root Canal Treatment (in more severe cases)

  • What happens if you ignore it?

    If a cracked or chipped tooth is ignored it can lead to more complications such as the tooth splitting or breaking. This can expose sensitive nerve ending within the tooth causing severe pain. Damage to the nerve may require root canal treatment and in some cases may lead to the loss of your tooth.


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