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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Eltham

At Ferrari Dental Care we strongly believe in gentle, holistic dentistry that tries to preserve your existing teeth so they last longer. Our dentists exemplify this mantra in the Root Canal Treatment we provide that is comfortable, gentle and painless as possible.

Root Canal Treatment or Root Filling as its sometimes known, is a dental procedure used to save teeth. This endodontic treatment involves removing the infection from an abscessed tooth, then sealing it to help prevent further infection. The tooth is then rebuilt with a filling or crown to make it strong again. In this way, we can help save the tooth for as long as possible.

Root canal treatments although are traditionally perceived to be a painful dental treatment option. The gentle techniques and pain relief options used by the dentists at Ferrari Dental Care ensure that you are comfortable while treatment causes you minimal pain.

Keeping your teeth for life is very important to us. Not only does having a full set of teeth look and feel better, but studies have shown that people who keep all their teeth live longer as well! This is why we recommend saving broken-down teeth if possible, and endodontic treatment can help achieve this.

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