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Bleeding & Swollen Gums

Gum Disease Treatment Eltham

Bleeding and swollen gums are usually a sign of early onset Gum Disease, also commonly known as Gingivitis. At Ferrari Dental Care, our gentle hygienists can identify and help treat gingivitis using comfortable deep cleaning techniques.

  • What causes gum disease?

    • Poor oral health and hygiene
    • Tooth decay and the buildup of plaque

  • The treatment for gum disease

    The early detection and intervention of the problem is an essential part of treating gum disease. In addition to this, regular professional oral examination and dental hygiene appointment, maintaining good oral health and dental hygiene at home and a healthy diet can help prevent gum disease. At Ferrari Dental Care we offer professional dental care to help treat early onset Gum Disease or Gingivitis.

  • What happens if left untreated?

    If left untreated, Gingivitis can lead to more serious periodontitis which in turn can lead to the deterioration of the jaw bone and the loss of many teeth. Bleeding and swollen gums can also result in bad breath and a receding gum line.


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