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Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings Eltham

The experienced dentists at Ferrari Dental Care provide high quality dental fillings and make the effort to ensure they restore both functionality and aesthetics.

Dental fillings for teeth are a restorative dental treatment designed to fix a damaged tooth. Fillings are known to be a simple way to restore teeth that have cavities as a result of damage from tooth decay. Bacteria in plaque can eat away at teeth causing decay, extensive decay over time can cause severe damage to teeth. Our dentists will fill in cavities caused by decay so that your tooth is clean, restored and has improved function.

At Ferrari Dental Care we offer multiple treatment options for dental fillings – We offer both amalgam and white composite fillings. White composite fillings are great because they are tooth coloured, look natural and hardly noticeable, while the amalgam fillings tend to last longer and cost less.

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